Central Axis

The IAP (Inter Academic Partnership) is the organization that brings together some 120 Academies of Sciences worldwide. The National Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (ANCEFN) is part of this organization.

For about 2 years, IAP has called on the Academies to analyze and produce recommendations on Food and Nutrition Security. Some 800 experts participated divided into 4 regions: Africa, Americas, Asia / Pacific and Europe. It is the largest joint study conducted by the Academies in history.

Each region produced its study published in a book and the IAP is preparing the final recommendations.

The first day of the S20 (July 24) will be dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the regional and global recommendations of the IAP study.


Specific Axis

A document with recommendations on the sustainable use and preservation of soils is being written and will be circulated to Academies of Sciences of the S20 to try to arrive at an agreed final document.

The second day of the S20 (July 25) will be dedicated to the discussion of important topics of the soil theme by expert panels.

A document with recommendations will be delivered to the G20 Agriculture Ministers and heads of state.