Speakers & Chairs


Dr. Eugenio Díaz Bonilla

USA, Visiting Senior Research Fellow, International Food Policy Research Institute

Prof. Robin Fears

Germany, FNSA in Europe

Prof. Volker ter Meulen

Germany, President IAP

Prof. Paul Moughan

New Zealand, FNSA in the Asia / Pacific region

Prof. Michael Clegg

USA, FNSA in the Americas

Prof. Sheryl Hendriks

South Africa, Global study conclusions

Prof. Dr. Pavel Krasilnikov

Russia, Lomonosov State University, Member of the FAO intergovernmental soil panel

Prof. Dr. Ganlin Zhang

China, Director of the Soil Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. John Pickett

UK, Received the 2008 Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Prof. Dr. Guilhem Bourrié

France, Gold Medal of the French Academy of Agriculture in 2010

Prof. María Costanza Calzolari

Italy, Soil Specialist


Dr. Erica Hynes

Argentina, Minister of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation in Santa Fe State Government

Dr. Alejandro Vila

Argentina, S20 Co-Chair

Dr. Roberto J. J. Williams

Argentina, S20 Chair

Prof. Eduardo Bianchi

Argentina, Chair