Challenges and Opportunities in Food and Nutrition Security: The Vision of the Academy of Science

The InterAcademy Partnership (IAP) Analysis of Food and Nutrition Security

Executive Summary:

All countries face the problem of combatting the burden of malnutrition as part of their efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. A project organised by IAP and involving the
four regional academy networks has assessed a wide range of science opportunities for tackling food and nutrition security, with the objective of providing access for all to a healthy and affordable diet that is environmentally sustainable and culturally acceptable. The four regional reports have been published and a fifth, global report is being finalised, where IAP emphasises emerging points that include: (1) taking a food systems perspective to deliver health and well-being, (2) understanding food production and utilisation issues with regard to efficiency, sustainability and resilience, (3) capitalising on recent scientific advances in the biosciences and other disciplines, (4) emphasising the transformation to healthy diets, (5) addressing the nexus food-energy-water-health, and (6) promoting activity at the science-policy interfaces and reconciling policy disconnects.

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Regional documents can be downloaded from the following links:


Food and Nutrition Security: Improving Soils and Increasing Productivity

Executive summary can be downloaded from the following link:

S20 – Executive Summary